Sandy soil but even black earth and gravel are giving power to the vines in different nuances. The swamplands and the Lake Neusiedl are the base for our specific microclimate. 



Botrytis Cinerea is that fungus which is an essential element for our late harvest wines. Botrytis grows only when there is much humidity in harmony with sun and wind. Sugar, flavor and acidity get concentrated in each berry and make qualities like Beerenauslese or Trockenbeerenauslese possible.

In winter wer are harvesting Eiswein - an important product in our range. 


All those wines are aged as single-grape and in stainless steel.




Also if our flagship are Prädikatsweine we are convinced to produce red wine and white wine with highest qualities and varietal character. Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch are the main grapes in our red wine range. Whether fruity, aged in barrels or as a blending partner they show typicity and the power of the different soil conditions. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are aged in Barrique barrels, among others for our remarkable blend Mythos. 


Our whits wines are shining. Federwolke as an exceptional light one, Welschriesling as a very fruity and typical one and Chardonnay and Traminer which reflect the power of the sun with much elegance. 



DO YOU ALREADY KNOW? Our second wine.series

Chardonnay und Traminer got a little makeover in name and design to reflect their origin even more. Theresas Rosé PINK and our SNKT LRNT Pet Nat join this quartet of Naturalwines. They are all fermented on skins, unfiltered and with no or less addition of sulfur.